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Employees are your most valuable asset, so why not invest in their financial wellbeing?

Well-being is the new currency of work. And organisations who invest in their employees can create financial stability and resilience for themselves, both now and into future years. A company’s success depends upon how happy its staff are with them – so why not make sure your team members have all they need to be thriving?

Financial stability in the workplace is important for employees’ wellbeing. Creating a culture that encourages financial resilience can help create happier, more productive workers and reduce turnover rates because it allows them to stay with an organisation longer!

Who does your team talk to about money 

  1. 78% of employees say that financial stress affects their work performance.
  2. 12 million adults in the UK* have low financial resilience. *FCA

We financially educate and empower your employee to take control of their finances

  • A financial resilience workshop / program for employees is the perfect way to ensure that your team is prepared for any economic downturn. 

    Attendees will be able to have an in-depth look at personal finance fundamentals and make sure everyone knows how to create a budget, manage their money smartly, and identify areas where you can all be more resilient financially.

    By the end of the workshop / program, your employees will have a new sense of confidence in their own money matters. 

    Get your team the financial resilience training they need with a workshop today. It’s an investment that will pay off! 

    Did you know? By providing access to quality financial coaching and educational resources, you can help your employees become financially resilient and ready for anything life throws their way. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our financial resilience workshops, and how they can benefit your team!