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Meet the Team


Finance Well-Being Expert & Founder of MoneyHeave

Roneish Myers has worked in the world of finance for over 10 years. She attained a first-class degree in accounting and finance in 2014 and has since held various roles in finance, most notably at Netflix, St Ives Plc, and CPM UK.

But something that always bothered her was how little friends, family, and even co-workers knew about their own finances. So Roneish decided to create a business that would help people get good with managing their money–MoneyHeave Ltd., a financial literacy and coaching company.

Roneish is passionate about economic empowerment and helping the current and future generation build strong financial foundations for a secure future by teaching practical skills and mindsets required to manage your finances.

Roneish understands that many families are not given the tools and knowledge needed to manage their finances. Or maybe they don’t have the time and so simply want someone else to manage it for them.

Through MoneyHeave, Roneish has designed a comprehensive service that provides clients with the practical knowledge and mindset to create financial freedom and build wealth. Roneish finds nothing more fulfilling than helping her clients to elevate their wealth and achieve their life goals.

“Admittedly I love talking about Money, despite it being a ‘forbidden’ word!” ~Roneish

Clients we have worked with have been able to create Time Freedom for themselves enabling them to spend more time with their families; set up businesses; create multiple streams of income, purchase their dream home, and travel the world . . . just to name a few!


Executive Assistant

Carol is an Executive Assistant at MoneyHeave. She graduated from Pentecost University in Ghana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies and has a love for systems and creating content on social media that gets people talking about money! 

Carol uses her skills to contribute in supporting the mission of empowering and supporting individuals in achieving their financial goals.



Program Coordinator

Emma is a driven young woman with a passion for financial education. She learned mostly about personal finance through many lessons of her own, and she is passionate about teaching others so they don’t have to go through the same ordeal. Emma is currently studying AAT and is striving to learn more and improve herself. She is fluent in French, and so we able to offer our services to French speaking countries. She is caring, thorough and ambitious; always looking for ways to empower and help people achieve their financial dreams. 

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