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Speaking Engagement


The possibilities are endless with Roneish. Whether you’re looking for a speaker, workshop host or panel expert to headline your next event and keep the attendees inspired and informed. 

As a financial speaker and trainer Roneish inspires attendees to make the most out of their finances with empowering, educational and engaging financial conversations. 

Roneish’s talks focus on various personal finance, career, and business topics and have also been designed to attract equality, diversity and inclusion networks groups (DEI). 

Roneish is passionate about normalising money conversation and spreading the word that everyone deserves access to financial education and coaching – no matter your background, age or status. Roneish’s mission is to help everyone feel empowered to make the most out of their finances.

Book Roneish as a speaker for Talk Money Week, My Money Week, Debt Awareness Week,  Financial Literacy Month, Blue Monday, International Women’s Day, or Black History Month, or another event


Roneish Myers is a financial expert who has worked in the world of finance for over 10 years. She attained a first-class degree in accounting and finance from one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

Since then, she has held various roles in finance, most notably at Netflix, St Ives Plc, and CPM UK. Her experiences have given her a unique insight into money management, mindset and financial planning.

What sets Roneish apart is her passion for economic empowerment. She is dedicated to helping the current and future generation build strong financial foundations for a secure future by teaching practical skills and mindsets required to manage your finances effectively.