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Invest in making your Service Users and Employees financially resilient, unlocking their potential. With MoneyHeave by your side you can introduce a financial wellness program that’ll help them gain greater control over their finances – boosting morale, productivity and satisfaction!


What if you could change the way money makes your service users and employees feel?

A money coach can help. And they’ll gain greater peace of mind about their finances and live a happier life with less stress, anxiety or feelings that there’s no hope for change in sight!

Help them to be better with their money, regardless of where they are in life or how old they are.

Becoming effective money managers – for life!

Unlock your potential.

finance workshop for individuals

For Corporates

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finance workshop for individuals

For Individuals



10 Tips for better money management

10 Tips for better money management

Money management isn’t always the most exciting topic, but it’s important nonetheless. So, whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re a few years in, here are 10 tips to help you better manage your money. 1.Create a budget and stick to it - One of the...

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Diva Apprenticeships

Moneyheave was commissioned to provide an interactive segment on budgeting and debt management for Diva Apprenticeships’ 18-25-year-old program. Given the tight timeline and constraints, Moneyheave were able to deliver an outstanding session that provided valuable...

Tate Modern

Tate held a Financial Wellness Workshop to help their employees build strong financial literacy and better manage their finances. The workshop was attended by a large number of Tate's employees, who were eager to learn more about financial management, budgeting, and...

University of Greenwich

Roneish recently spoke at the University of Greenwich Student Conference. Her keynote speech, “Being bold - own your life” was truly inspiring and left a lasting impression on many of the attendees. Before attending Roneish's talk, one student felt that she lacked...

Why should you consider MoneyHeave? 

Financial Literacy

With ⅔ of the population said to be financially illiterate. We believe that everyone should have access to financial education and coaching. We want to empower the current and future generation to take control of their finances.

We Care

Our team is passionate about providing quality financial guidance and resources to help individuals achieve financial success.

Reduce Stress

Live a more peaceful life. When you’re under stress, it’s difficult to think clearly or make wise financial decisions. We can help take the pressure off by providing simple, clear, easy-to-follow guidance and resources to help you get your finances in order and achieve financial wellness. So you can focus on the things that are truly important to you.

Safe Space

There is no shame or judgement here – we’re here to empower you to achieve financial success and wellness. 


Access to a community of thousands of like-minded individuals, to encourage and support you on your journey.

What are clients saying…

Life changing.

It has been a relief. I’m saving so much more and I have a clearer vision.


A real pleasure to work with, working with Finance Coach of MoneyHeave has been a game-changer. They helped me get a tighter grip on my finances and I’ve gained control and clarity as a result, and this will last a lifetime! I have also been able to clear my debt and I’m now debt-free!!!


I have completely cleared my credit cards within 3 months. I have cancelled my overdrafts and now I have over 3 different forms of savings I’m growing.


I was thousands of pounds in debt and was broke 2 weeks before payday and would have to ask my family to loan me money.
Since working with Finance Coach and the MoneyHeave team, I’ve cleared my debt, built up my savings and investments and changed my mindset around money.
I’m now living in Indonesia and in the process of launching an outsourcing agency whilst working full time.

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Meet Our Founder

Roneish Myers is a financial expert who has worked in the world of finance for over 10 years. She attained a first-class degree in accounting and finance from one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

Since then, she has held various roles in finance, most notably at Netflix, St Ives Plc, and CPM UK. Her experiences have given her a unique insight into money management, mindset and financial planning.

What sets Roneish apart is her passion for economic empowerment. She is dedicated to helping the current and future generation build strong financial foundations for a secure future by teaching practical skills and mindsets required to manage your finances effectively.

Let's discuss how we can deliver financial well-being programmes to your employees.

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