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This case study will explore the impact of Roneish’s participation in an internal panel at Ares Management. The focus was on wealth inequality and financial literacy among minority communities, and how Roneish used her expertise to provide insight into this pressing issue. We will look at why she was invited to participate, her contributions to the discussion, and the overall outcome from her involvement


Ares Management is a global investment firm that focuses on making investments that create value for its clients. As a part of their commitment to social responsibility, Ares wanted to host a panel for their employees discussing wealth inequality and financial literacy in minority communities. To provide unique perspectives and insights on the matter, they invited Roneish to participate in the panel.


Roneish was an incredibly valuable asset to the panel. She provided the attendees with a wealth of knowledge, drawing from her experience as a financial coach and mentor for individuals in her community. Roneish shared her strategies for helping clients make smart money decisions and create sustainable plans for their future. Her approach was more than just theoretical – she offered tangible advice that could be used by anyone looking to improve their money management skills


Overall, Roneish’s participation in Ares Management’s internal panel was a great success. The insight she provided was invaluable, and many members of the audience reported feeling empowered by her words. We are grateful for her contributions and anticipate that it will have a lasting impact on the Ares Management community. 

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We were very fortunate to have Roneish participate in an internal panel at Ares Management with the topic of wealth inequality and financial literacy in minority communities.

Her perspective was greatly appreciated as well as her thoughtful and thorough engagement throughout the event. We were so pleased Roneish could give us such unique insight into her career as a financial coach and mentor to her clients. She was very approachable, kind and clearly a subject matter expert. 

Matt Theodorakis

Partner at Ares Management L.P., European Direct Lending, Head of Portfolio Management


At MoneyHeave, we understand that finance is not always the easiest topic to discuss but we strongly encourage organisations to challenge this stigma through education and open dialogue surrounding personal finance. By doing so institutions can create an environment where employees feel safe in discussing their finances openly without fear of judgement or discrimination while gaining knowledge around money management which will benefit them both personally & professionally.

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