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The holiday season is here, and with it comes a flurry of preparations, shopping, and spending money. But just because it’s the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t mean you have to spend all your hard-earned cash. 

Here are 5 creative ways to save money this Christmas while still having the best holiday ever! 

1. Get Crafty: Crafting can be a great way to make unique gifts for family and friends without breaking the bank. With a few basic supplies like glue, paint, scissors, and paper, you can make creative decorations or even homemade presents! And if you’re feeling extra crafty—try baking! Everyone loves a good homemade treat. 

2. Reuse Decorations: If you’ve been putting up decorations every year since you were a kid—don’t throw them away! Repurpose old decorations by giving them new life through paint or fabric dye (just make sure any fabric pieces are pre-washed). You can even use everyday items like mason jars or used ribbons to add some festive flair to your home décor. 

3. Shop Second hand: Shopping second hand isn’t just for clothes anymore! There are many online stores that sell gently used items from home décor to furniture at discounted prices. You can even get lucky and find brand new items that someone else bought but never used—score! 

4. Limit Gift Exchanges: Who says everyone needs to give each other gifts? Instead of buying presents for everyone in your family or friend group this year—consider an exchange among the adults or drawing names out of a hat if there are multiple kids involved. That way everyone will get one nice gift without breaking the bank. 

5. Host Potluck Dinners: One of the best parts of the holidays is getting together with friends and family over dinner or drinks—but hosting multiple events can quickly become expensive as well as exhausting! Consider hosting potluck dinners instead where each guest brings something different or divides up tasks so one person is responsible for food, another for drinks, etc.. That way everyone pitches in and takes some stress off your shoulders (and wallet!). 

The holidays don’t have to be expensive–you can still have fun and save money during this festive season by being creative with your gifts, decorations, meals, and more! By following these five tips you will be able to stretch your budget further this Christmas while making memories that will last longer than any store-bought present ever could. So what do you say – let’s get saving (and crafting)! 

Happy Holidays from The Money Heave Team!